Puertoprincesa Olympia

 Graduated from breeding career

 Born: 31.12.2019

 Color: Charcoal Brown Spotted Tabby, Bengal (Ben n 24), Apb/a

 Father: Legion Ronaldinho, Seal Sepia Spotted Tabby, (Ben n 2431)

 Mother: Paradiseapple Quincy; Brown Spotted Tabby, (Ben n 24)










Registration on WCF and TICA

Our cattery is registered in two felinological systems WCF and TICA.


Genetic tests

All our cats are tested for carrying genetic diseases and genes of a certain color.


Documents for all kittens

All kittens of our cattery regardless of class, have a pedigree, issued by the club. We don't have kittens without documents.