Our offsprings

Puertoprincesa Paulina (sold to Ukhta)


Puertoprincesa Pamella (sold to Cheboksary)


Puertoprincesa Porsche

Born: 10.01.2020

Puertoprincesa Orlando

Born: 31.12.2019

Puertoprincesa Orchide


: 31.12.2019

Puertoprincesa Nataniell

Born: 11.12.2019

Puertoprincesa Nigel (sold in USA)

Born: 11.12.2019

Puertoprincesa Naseeb (sold in Dubai)

Born: 11.12.2019

Dimaliks Michelle

Born: 15.12.2018

Dimaliks Ernesto (sold to Switzerland)

Born: 28.12.2018

Dimaliks Edward

Born: 28.12.2018

Dimaliks Jason

Born: 18.12.2018

Dimaliks Dayana (sold in Neryungri)

Born: 18.12.2018

Dimaliks Stephanie

Born: 15.12.2018

Puertoprincesa Roxana (sold to Surgut)

Born: 28.03.2020

Puertoprincesa Rockstar (sold to Estonia)

Born: 28.03.2020

Puertoprincesa Ralph (sold to Ukhta)

Born: 28.03.2020

Puertoprincesa Rendy 

Born: 28.03.2020

Puertoprincesa Ruby 

Born: 28.03.2020

Puertoprincesa Richi

Born: 28.03.2020

Puertoprincesa Rudy 

Born: 28.03.2020

Puertoprincesa Truffie

Born: 10.05.2020

Puertoprincesa Wow

Born: 23.12.2020

Puertoprincesa Waqar (sold in Dubai)

Born: 24.12.2020

Puertoprincesa Wendy (sold to Germany)

Born: 24.12.2020

Puertoprincesa Uma (sold to Tver)

Born: 01.05.2021

Puertoprincesa Yudgin (sold to Ukhta)

Born: 25.05.2021

Puertoprincesa Zephyr (sold to Moscow)

Born: 02.06.2021

Puertoprincesa Zeus(C) (sold in Kostroma)

Born: 02.06.2021

Puertoprincesa Bacardi(C) (sold to Nizhnekamsk)

Born: 14.10.2021

Puertoprincesa Bosca (sold to Murmansk)

Born: 14.10.2021

Puertoprincesa Black Jack (sold to Ukhta)

Born: 14.10.2021

Puertoprincesa Bianca (sold to London)

Born: 14.10.2021

Puertoprincesa Crystal (sold to Yoshkar-Ola)

Born: 02.12.2021

Puertoprincesa Charlize

Born: 02.04.2022

Puertoprincesa Bonya (sold to Neftekamsk))

Born: 24.04.2022

Dimaliks  Arnie (sold to Naberezhnye Chelny)

Born: 25.05.2022

Dimaliks  Annabell (sold to Kazakhstan)

Born: 14.09.2022

Dimaliks Barbie

Born: 14.06.2022

Dimaliks Baron

Born: 14.06.2022

Dimaliks Bella

Born: 14.06.2022

Puertoprincesa Verona (sold to Saratov)

Born: 02.03.2022



Registration on WCF and TICA

Our cattery is registered in two felinological systems WCF and TICA.


Genetic tests

All our cats are tested for carrying genetic diseases and genes of a certain color.


Documents for all kittens

All kittens of our cattery regardless of class, have a pedigree, issued by the club. We don't have kittens without documents.

About Bengal Cat

Bengals are a lot of fun to live with, but they’re definitely not the cat for everyone, or for first-time cat owners. Extremely intelligent, curious and active, they demand a lot of interaction and woe betide the owner who doesn’t provide it. If you won’t be home during the day to entertain your Bengal, plan to have two of them or don’t get one. When a Bengal gets bored, he is capable of taking things apart to see how they work and opening drawers and cabinets to see what interesting toys or food might be available for him.

The Bengal loves his people and will do anything for attention from them. If he figures out that you don’t like something he does — jumping on the kitchen counter, for instance — he will start doing it all the time because it will get your attention and force you to interact with him. He also likes to take things and hide them. Put your jewelry away in a place where he can’t get it (you hope).

More about Bengal Cat

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